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Window Replacement Part 3: Marvin, Andersen, Pella


This is a three-part series of blogs on various aspects of window replacement.  Because windows can be a complicated thing, yet we all need them and want the best windows we can, we thought it was important to thoroughly go over the emissions standards (Part 1), materials used (Part 2), and manufacturers we trust (Part 3).  Part 1 is important to read as it reminds us all of the importance of good windows – they do not just open and shut, but instead help control home’s temperature and feeling.  Part 2 is about materials: windows and frames can be made with a lot of different materials, so it could be difficult to figure out which one you want and how it can fit into your price range.  We try to help you decide as you research.  As far as manufacturers (Part 3), we discuss Marvin, Pella, Weather Shield, and Andersen’s approaches to window production and their quality control.

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